The flexible all-in-one solution for the entire pawn and loan management process.

PawnGate helps pawnshops and companies active in micro financing to generate and manage all financial transactions.

Pawn and load processes can be managed very efficiently with a central database that organize the different branches.

Our system is a pawn management software system that helps pawnbrokers operate a successful business.
and is an engine for growth.

Points of Interest

Pawn and loan Management System is a pawn management software system that helps.

Pawnbrokers operate a successful business

Monitor and Control all opera tions -anywhere, anytime

Optimize the pawnshop’s oper- ations and profits

Easily track your customer information in one place

It is the enginer for growth for your business

Pawn Management


The Pawn Management feature allows you pawn brokers and other to manager pawn process and auto-calculate costs.


1_01General and manage pawn schedules


1_03View and update information


1_05 Auto-calculate costs and penalties.

Loan Management

The Loan Management features is designed to manage and track loan transaction easily and can even manage business loans.


2_01Organize installment and business loan information


2_03Manage Collateral


2_05Auto-calculate and keep track of payments

Point Of Sale

The Point Of Sale feature cooperates seamless with and other component and where it is possible to manage the multiples branches.


3_01Transfer products from Pawn Management to POS


3_03Inventory Management


3_05Sale reports

Documents and Reports

With the Documents and Reports feature templates for important documents and business reports can be created and send customers.


4_01Create template for individual customer contracts


4_03Generate Profit & Loss Statements


4_05Manage your business reports

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